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Derek Jarman’s Garden

When I visited the ‘end of the world’ last week (aka Dungeness – which I have written about here) one place I knew about already and was very keen to visit was the late Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage. Anyone…

quince blossom
Instant Photography

Polaroid Spectra 2

This is a great little Polaroid camera if you simply want something you can point and shoot with and not worry too much about focusing or lighting. Whilst it’s quite a big hunk of plastic to carry around, I…

100 days of winter flickr group
Instant Photography


It occurred to be the other day that I hadn’t used my beloved Polaroid SX-70 for ages. I do find it takes the best photos when there’s LOTS of light – almost too much light, so what with it being…

me with a leaf - polaroid
Instant Photography


Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film +ND filter All seasons have there good and bad points, don’t they – here’s how I’m feeling about autumn so far… Good things: leaves (they look amazing at this time of year – makes…

polaroid - flag
Instant Photography

Boat trip

These Polaroids demonstrate very well just how freakishly hot and sunny it was during our trip to the rain capital of the world aka The Lake District. This is the Ullwater Steamer, which easn’t actually a steamer but a…

polaroid - gollys
Instant Photography


There was a little shop in Hawkeshead, Cumbria and these boys were set outside. They’re brand new; made in China. At school we were encouraged to call them golli-dollies (this was after the ritual burning of Enid Blyton and her…

polaroid lake - somewhere in the lake district
Instant Photography

Landscape of dreams

I took quite a few Polaroids whilst I was in the Lake District – it was only a little over a week ago but it almost seems like a dream now. I still have rolls of film waiting to…

polaroid - grasmere gingerbread
Instant Life Photography

Grasmere Gingerbread

One  of the places we visited in the Lake District was Grasmere, and I feel I need to dedicate a whole post to the delicacy that is Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread. Oh. My. God. It is amazing – I’m…

Bournemouth lifeguards - polaroid
Instant Photography


I’ve been to the seaside this afternoon! Proper seaside with sand and surf and a pier, and everything – Bournemouth to be exact. Polaroid SX70 – my last shot with some very damaged Artistic TimeZero film I was even…