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May 2010

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Film Photography


The other cameras have been making a fuss as I keep mooning over my new addition and ignoring them. The Hasselbladski was especially miffed when prints cam back from the lab and I only feigned the tiniest bit of…

Digital Photography


Here I am! Oh, boy – I have been having lots of fun with new camera. Just getting the feel of it right now but I am loving what’s emerging from those little compact flash cards! I’ve just been…

Digital Photography

Canon EOS 5D Mark II. All mine.

I made a pretty-immensly-hugely-excitingly-expensive purchase a couple of days ago, and this was the first shot I took with it… Oh my god, I still can’t believe it’s mine! Perfect timing too as the very next day I met…

Digital Photography

Just a coupla pics

I’m not sure what this shrubby thing is but it looks lovely against the blue, blue sky… Talking of blue, I know what this is – forget-me-nots have to be the best named flower, ever (after The Stinking Corpse…

Digital Instant Photography

There must be an angel

I like to hang around graveyards; spooky, derilct Victorian ones, full of hidden paths, secret tombs and overgrown ivy. I was a bit of a goth during my teenage years, that must be why. Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film…

Digital Photography

Wistfulness & wisteria

And, exhale. It’s all over (in so many ways). Yes I am still banging on about politics and yes, I am being a little melodramatic. Sorry. Time for drawing lines now; time to dust off and start again. Anyhoo…

Instant Photography

True colours

I’ll tell you something, and it’s surprised me. I have discovered over the course of this very unusal (and as yet indecicive) election that I am a lot more bothered about politics than I imagined I was. It has…

Inspiration Instant Photography

Any excuse

‘Roid Week has been so much fun – it’s always nice to have an excuse to shoot Polaroids (I don’t need much of one, mind you). Here’s just some of the fab ones I spotted over the week… 1.…

Instant Photography

Don’t stop believing

Having an opinion, I am discovering, is a draining and ultimately disappointing experience. (I got to bed at 4am last night). The UK election has ended up with no overall majority and rather than the people deciding, it’s once…

Instant Photography

A little bit of politics

There’s so much I could say today, so many thoughts are trying to articulate themselves. Today is the day the UK votes for a new government – I really hope it makes the right decision. I’ve never known it…