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Basically just a post about bunting

This is actually an old photo from a previous trip to London, but rather appropriate, don’t you think? I wonder if the queen gets RSI in her waving hand?

waving queen

You’re jubilee’d out aren’t you. I know, I know! Me too. Trouble is, I’ve been stuck indoors with tonsillitis (I’m very bored with being poorly all the time lately) so I’m afraid you’re stuck with yet more jubilee images and rantings from my trip to London last week. But as Oxford Street looks so pretty all bunted-up like this, hopefully you can take just a little bit more.

oxford street, bunted up

If you’re wondering why all these images look so different to the ones you’re seeing on the telly it’s because when I was in London the sun was shining! Honestly, it was boiling – so hot I paid £4.50 for a small orange ice lolly and didn’t bat an eye-lid or go on and on and on about it all afternoon.

more bunting

When they take down all this bunting it’s going to look a bit bare and depressing, don’t you think? Like when you finally get round to removing the last of the christmas decs in February.

you've guessed it, more bunting

Maybe they’ll leave it up for the Olympics. Get moneys worth. Can’t think of anything else bunt-worthy coming up for a while.

yet more bunting

We even took a trip down the river, just like queenie, a distinct lack of bunting in my opinion but I did see this MASSIVE photo from the 1977 jubilee – impressive, huh!

1977 jubilee photo

 (Honestly, it was £4.50, I could have got 10 lollies for that if I’d gone to Sainsbury’s).


ALSO, in un-bunting related news – weekends are the best, aren’t they? You can get that weekend feel-good factor all week long now by visiting Weekends Collected – I’ve shared one of mine there, why not share yours too!


ALSO, also in yet more shockingly un-bunting related news (actually, there might be a little) it’s my birthday on Sunday and there’s going to be a VERYVERYEXCITING™ giveaway!

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  • Reply
    6 June 2012 at 08:25

    1) Four pounds flippin’ fifty!?! You’re havin’ a laugh aren’t you? Flippin’eck! That’s almost as much as a cup of coffee from Starbucks! What had the world come to? When I was a young girl… etc.

    2) I’m going to wish you a happy birthday now because I’m godawful at remembering that kind of thing (almost as bad at that, Mel, as at remembering people’s names!). So: HAPPY BIRTHDAY you young (thought I’d get that one in there first), talented, gorgeous, funny, clever, inspiring woman, you!

    3) re. bunt-worthy events coming up… Maybe England will win Euro 2012? Bwahaha! OK, no, that’s not going to happen. And, even if it did, we’d have to amend the flag to the whatever it is bit that belongs to England. The St George’s Cross? So olympics it is.

  • Reply
    11 June 2012 at 10:57

    I have secretly loved having all the bunting around… I may have taken a lot of photos of bunting last week too.

  • Reply
    11 June 2012 at 11:07

    Regent Street looks amazing with all those flags!

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