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  • IMG_0821
    Digital Photography

    Wild wood

    I love that I get to be eye-to-eye with crazy-faced beasts if I drive for just 20 minutes from my home. And autumn in the forest is the most wonderful treat of…

  • IMG_0673
    Digital Photography

    Gothic autumn

    OK, so Autumn is turning out to be just the inspiration I need to get out with my camera. Yesterday I visited the old Victorian cemetery in town; it’s near my house and a favourite old…

  • IMG_0611
    Digital Photography

    Making time

    My camera got the shock of its life today. Not only did I pop a memory card into its tummy, I also removed the 40mm pancake lens that’s been attached pretty much…

  • paperpaper - diamond and tanzanite

    Birthstone prints

    Purchasing a birthstone for a loved-ones birthday is such a thoughtful gift – a little on the spendy side though. Never fear though – I have the solution! I have created these…

  • IMG_0550
    Digital Photography

    Cheltenham & Gloucester

    If you’re in the UK you’ll be thinking ‘is this post about a building society’? If you’re not in the UK you’re probably (and understandably) mispronouncing one or more of those…

  • fuji-instax-logs
    Instant Photography

    Fuji in the forest

    My Fuji Instax 200 (the chunkiest lump of plastic you’re ever likely to meet) was the camera I grabbed to record a little trip put to the forest last week. Then I remembered I didn’t…

  • IMG_4628b
    Digital Photography

    A shore thing

    It’s still hot. I am still loving it. I am also loving it when nature wins and finds a way though the tarmac… …and trips to my local beach – which is like a…

  • paperpaper - eyechart

    How’s your eyesight?

    I’ve always loved the typographical arrangement of those eye test charts you’re made to read from at the opticians, so I thought I’d adapt the idea for this print. In case…

  • IMG_0510
    Digital Photography

    The heat of the moment

    I’m super-wimpy when it comes to really hot weather – I do love (love, love) it but it can be quite hard work. Today was just that sort of day, when…