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  • IMG_12381

    Time management

    I’ve introduced more lists into my life. More plans of things I want to do when I’ve completed all the things I have to do. (Stationery alert: new notebook required. Hooray)! I found that…

  • DSCF0062
    Digital Photography


    One minute it’s all like this… Then you wake up one morning and everything’s gone Technicolor! I missed out on Spring last year, so this years bountiful blossoms have been more than welcome.…

  • cream-tea
    Digital Photography

    Devon knows

    I went to Devon recently and got a real taste for the outdoors life – I ate scones and clotted cream every afternoon (it’s the law), frolicked with donkeys and saw a…

  • sunshine-yellow-moleskine-2015

    Sunshine yellow

    Promises can be intimidating (especially the ones you make to yourself), so in this period of resolutions and good intentions, I am simply opening myself up to light, sunshine, brightness and positivity. 2015 will…

  • walk11-520x400
    Digital Phone Photography

    A walk in the park

    You don’t always need a big, fancy camera when the photography bug bites. Being there is 99% of the solution. Thank goodness for camera-phones and social media… Hooray, I’m outdoors! #vscocam…

  • cheetah
    Digital Photography


    When the photography bug bites and there’s no daylight to play with, I like to fire up my faithful friend, Photoshop and have bit of a fiddle……

  • IMG_0929
    Digital Photography

    It’s that time of year again

    It’s a busy time of year if you sell things. People who are a lot more organised than I am have started their Christmas shopping – apparently you don’t have to do…