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  • ampersands
    Free Typography

    My favourite free ampersand fonts

    I’ve always loved a well constructed ampersand (although I always struggled with writing my own). When I’m test-driving a font one of the first things I do is to see how…

  • free downloadable print hexagons

    Free ‘hexagons’ printable wall art

    With just a simple home printer (or a trip to your local copy shop) you can print your own wall art, for yourself or as gifts for friends and family. There’s…

  • lavender

    Lovely lavender

    You can’t really tell from these photos but this little lavender farm was buzzing with a million bees. The smell was amazing too – I can see why the bees like…

  • southampton mela - 2015


    I’m so pleased I have a good quality, small camera I can squirrel away and whip out if a photo opportunity arises – it meant I could take some colourful shots…

  • oxford-william-herbert-polaroid-630x530
    Film Instant Photography

    A new black & white

    I got hold of some of Impossible’s B&W 2.0 film for my lovely Polaroid SX-70 (which I literally had to dust off before using). The best thing about this film is…

  • DSCF0196-520x400
    Digital Photography

    So much green!

    May is the month when everything turns green and it’s everywhere you look right now. That is if you’re able to get outside – a place I’ve been absent from a lot…

  • start-with-a-yes-1080x675

    Font Friday – St Marie

    If you’re after a font that’s lightweight, legible but with a little flair, then this might be the font for you. Such sophistication deserves a French sounding name – let me…

  • ikea magazine

    IKEA Family magazine

    I’m an Ikea addict so I was very excited when I found out one of my prints was gracing the walls of a gorgeous home in their IKEA Family live magazine…

  • big-top-1024x1024
    Design Typography

    Font Friday – Big Top

    Circus posters are always a great source of inspiration for any graphic designer – they’re there to grab the attention in the most bold and colourful ways and the more fancy…