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It’s 1.15am. Again. And I am desperately trying to think of things I’ve been up to lately apart from being sat in front of a computer screen, busily building up my online empire. If I were to create an…

Digital Life Photography

The little things

Somedays you get to retrace steps you’ve walked a thousand times before. If you’re lucky you’ll have a camera with you so you can capture those little details you’d not noticed before or record the ones that feel like…

Digital Photography

Looks familiar

I honestly think I have taken these very same photos before – and not that long ago either! So apologies if the photos below look familiar – I promise they are fresh off the memory card this weekend (sometimes you just…

Digital Photography

Out and about

I managed to take me and my germs for a mini-trip out of the house today – just around town for a quick coffee and egg sarnie the a look at the circus where we pondered at what goes…

Digital Photography

Keeping the crazy at bay

A break in the clouds today happily coincided with a half-day off work. My shutter finger has been majorly under-utilised of late so I popped into town and had a walk through the parks – I just needed to…

statue of Issac Watts
Film Photography

Midwinter miscellanea at 800 ISO

There’s a teeny tiny bit of brightness left in the sky and it is well past 4.30 – wonderful! Not this sky though – I took this one a few days ago when the sun was setting at about lunch time! (Exaggerating.…

Digital Life Photography

Back to it

We had huge storm today and it (along with being the first day back at work) has truly blown away any notion that the holidays are still with us. Goodbye chocolates for breakfast, afternoon naps and turkey sandwiches. Hello to waking…

beach huts and power station
Digital Photography

So, how was it for you?

Just as we’re getting to the end of the festive holidays I am finally beginning to feel, rested and re-mojo’d. And, exhale. Luckily I still have a couple of days off  work. I hope you managed to chill-out and/or party…

coffee for two
Digital Photography

Weekend wanderings

Have you had a lovely weekend? I have – it’s been one of those ones where you don’t do much apart from read papers, drink coffee, wander your local streets and chat. Obviously (for editorial puposes) I am choosing…

southampton water 1
Digital Photography

Are you feeling lucky?

I’m feeling pretty lucky this afternoon. There was rain earlier; the big black clouds and pouring down like buckets being thrown sort of rain… and I managed to dodge it! After lunch at Pret I stuck my nose outside…