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The Lake District

we love autumn - olympus xa2
Film Photography

A last look

I’ve almost exhausted my supply of Lake District photos (you’re probably glad to hear) – it was such a fantastic place to visit, a photographers dream! Here’s a selection from the cross-processed roll of film I took with my…

lomo diana - post box
Film Photography


One of the (many) cameras I took away with me to The Lake District was my little Diana F+ (a 120 film toy camera). I diligently ensured it didn’t get left out amongst its bigger, flashier cousins and that…

fierce and muscley looking sheep
Digital Photography


One of the things you notice when you’re in the Lake District is that there are sheep EVERYWHERE! Fluffy cloud-like blobs pepper every vista… Mostly they are harmless and look a lot like cuddly teddy bears. I snuck these two sweetie-pies…

polaroid - flag
Instant Photography

Boat trip

These Polaroids demonstrate very well just how freakishly hot and sunny it was during our trip to the rain capital of the world aka The Lake District. This is the Ullwater Steamer, which easn’t actually a steamer but a…

grasmere plaques
Digital Photography

I wandered lonely as a cloud

OK, so when I visited the Lake District last month there weren’t exactly any daffodils, but there were plenty of lonely clouds, vales and hills so three out of four ain’t bad. I wandered lonely as a cloud That…

polaroid lake - somewhere in the lake district
Instant Photography

Landscape of dreams

I took quite a few Polaroids whilst I was in the Lake District – it was only a little over a week ago but it almost seems like a dream now. I still have rolls of film waiting to…

polaroid - grasmere gingerbread
Instant Life Photography

Grasmere Gingerbread

One  of the places we visited in the Lake District was Grasmere, and I feel I need to dedicate a whole post to the delicacy that is Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread. Oh. My. God. It is amazing – I’m…

walking back to the car
Digital Photography

Take a lake break

OK, brace yourselves, if you scroll down you’re going to see a lot of photos, and this is just the tip of the iceberg really – I still have films to develop and Polaroids to scan. These are all…

sheep - Lake District

The Guardian

I have stuck my mobile phone out on the windowsill of my hotel room and made it ‘do wi-fi’ and here I am; on my laptop, online in the middle of the Lake District! I’m in the rainiest county…

amazing lake district photos from flickr
Inspiration Photography

Lake District

I am very excited as I’ve just booked a holiday in the Lake District for next month! I’ve never been there before and I’m really looking forward to the break. I don’t know if you know the area at…