Queen Anne’s Lace

It’s hard to believe but the brilliantly-named Queen Anne’s Lace is actually a form of wild carrot!

It’s one of my favourite, favourite plants – I love how it appears to be topped with a little cage, bulging with petalled tendrils (which it is) just before it blooms into an exploding firework of white petals.

I took these photos after finishing work early – just down the road from me at Weston Shore. It’s an odd little industrial sea-sidey location (which means you really only get locals there, it’s definitely not a touristy place). Today though it felt like the Med, what with all the sunshine and free-range kids running around. Just lovely.

So, yes, some people might think of them as weeds but I love Queen Anne’s Lace! What’s your favourite flower and/or weed?

queen anne's lace - I

queen anne's lace - II

queen anne's lace III

queen anne's lace IV

The August Break

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  • Reply
    5 August 2011 at 20:31

    these are absolutely gorgeous!

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    6 August 2011 at 15:05

    I love Queen Anne’s Lace too and was so thrilled to find a pot of it at my local nursery (I’m in Australia). It’s thriving in one of my front garden beds and makes me happy each time I see it. I love the old fashioned cottage flowers. It’s still Winter here but so warm that the garden is looking really pretty with roses, lavender, pansies, primulas, snowflakes, jasmine, yellow banksia roses and bellis perennis all happily flowering. We didn’t plant annuals for a few years because of the drought but now that it is over, we are really enjoying the prettiness of the flowers all the more.

    • Reply
      6 August 2011 at 16:41

      Your garden sounds beautiful!
      I love wild, cottage garden blooms too, and anything that smells strongly (rosemary is my favourite herb).

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