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If my maths is correct (there’s a very good chance it isn’t) we are now half-way through 100 Days of Winter! Half-way!

In 50 days time we will have reached the end of February and be relishing the prospect of daffodils, lambs and an easter-egg or two (or maybe three).

I have been totally gobsmacked by all the amazing photos in the 100 Days of Winter flickr group – they are amazing! When I get in from work I have a look through whilst I wait for my coffee to brew. Here are just a few that have been making me fall in love with winter…

100 days of winter on flickr

1. Sky Watch/9, 2. Day Thirty-Eight, 3. fir, 4. Cold Winter, 5. He called it a bokeh tree with snowflake ornaments., 6. _MG_1193.jpg

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far and helped inspire me through my early-evening coffee breaks.

Talking of winter – here are a few more wintry photos of my own – yes, yet more from that never-ending roll of 35mm film that’s been plaguing you these last few days!


dead hydrangeas




Taken with Pentax K1000 and Kodak Porfessional Porta 800 35mm film

If you love winter; we still have 50 days of winter left to enjoy.

If you don’t love winter; there are only 50 days of winter left to go.

100 Days of Winter

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    16 January 2012 at 11:21

    How do you make a laundromat look so inviting?

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      17 January 2012 at 12:57

      I believe I was overly influenced by the Levi’s ad with Nick Kamen back in the 80s 😉

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