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Devon knows

I went to Devon recently and got a real taste for the outdoors life – I ate scones and clotted cream every afternoon (it’s the law), frolicked with donkeys and saw a solar eclipse! On the morning of the eclipse…

Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday; random awesomeness

I’ve always loved a good rummage around on Flickr to get me fired up about taking photos – people are so talented and I’m feeling so inspired! Also, I can’t believe it will be my 10-year Flickrversay next month o_O…

Digital Phone Photography

A walk in the park

You don’t always need a big, fancy camera when the photography bug bites. Being there is 99% of the solution. Thank goodness for camera-phones and social media… Hooray, I’m outdoors! #vscocam A photo posted by Angie Muldowney (@angie_lemon) on…

Digital Photography


When the photography bug bites and there’s no daylight to play with, I like to fire up my faithful friend, Photoshop and have bit of a fiddle……

Digital Photography

It’s that time of year again

It’s a busy time of year if you sell things. People who are a lot more organised than I am have started their Christmas shopping – apparently you don’t have to do it all last minute on Christmas eve. I…

Free Photography

A free 2015 calendar template for Photoshop

It’s that time of year again, time to start planning how you’ll wow your family and friends during the festive period – how about with a calendar made up of your own lovely photos and Instagrams? This free template…

Digital Photography

Wild wood

I love that I get to be eye-to-eye with crazy-faced beasts if I drive for just 20 minutes from my home. And autumn in the forest is the most wonderful treat of all – I am looking forward to seeing…

Digital Photography

Gothic autumn

OK, so Autumn is turning out to be just the inspiration I need to get out with my camera. Yesterday I visited the old Victorian cemetery in town; it’s near my house and a favourite old haunt of mine. Everything is still mostly green…

Digital Photography

Making time

My camera got the shock of its life today. Not only did I pop a memory card into its tummy, I also removed the 40mm pancake lens that’s been attached pretty much permanently since I got it last year. I’m…

Digital Photography

Cheltenham & Gloucester

If you’re in the UK you’ll be thinking ‘is this post about a building society’? If you’re not in the UK you’re probably (and understandably) mispronouncing one or more of those place names. To all of you – hello!…