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Instant Photography

Fuji in the forest

My Fuji Instax 200 (the chunkiest lump of plastic you’re ever likely to meet) was the camera I grabbed to record a little trip put to the forest last week. Then I remembered I didn’t have a scanner any more so had to…

Digital Photography

A shore thing

It’s still hot. I am still loving it. I am also loving it when nature wins and finds a way though the tarmac… …and trips to my local beach – which is like a 1960’s dystopian vision of a seaside resort; with…

Digital Photography

The heat of the moment

I’m super-wimpy when it comes to really hot weather – I do love (love, love) it but it can be quite hard work. Today was just that sort of day, when the overgrown shade of a Victorian cemetery became particularly…

Design Life Photography

June favourites

How different sorts of tears look totally different close up. Spotify has been my saviour this last month or so – I feel so dispirited with the music played on radio nowadays, it’s just not for me. Now I have collected so…

Digital Photography

At last!

When the hedgerows are filled with towering clouds of cow parsley, that’s when you know that it’s summer, at last. At last! I made myself do things with a camera at the weekend – pointing it at things, twiddling…

lomo diana - sailing
Film Photography

8 film photography tips for beginners

Type the name of your camera into YouTube – there’s nothing quite like watching somebody handle a camera that’s just like the one you own to make you feel more comfortable with it yourself. Check the battery! Just because…

Instant Life Photography


Why, hello there! Let me introduce myself, I used to be the person that regularly updated this blog. Then I got busy and things began to slide a bit. Then I got sick (I think from being so busy)…

Digital Photography


As much as I bang on (and on) about how rubbish winter is, it almost feels worth the suffering when you know it’s almost over and you have the longest possible time until it swings around again. When I…

Digital Photography

Signs of life

Don’t let the Scooby-Doo-ness of the location fool you – a spooky Victorian cemetery is just place to spot those early signs of Spring that mean so much at this time of year. It’s always pretty lush here, thanks…

Digital Photography

School’s out (for the weekend)!

Ponies in the New Forest are allowed to wander wherever they like – even in and out of schools! Maybe they were hoping to find some discarded lunch-boxes or an unattended tuck-shop. I’ll never tire of their nonchalance and…