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If you’re reading this then it means we all made it to 2013 – happy new year! Have you made any resolutions? I’ve made my now traditional annual promises; things like be more organised, be less fearful and get…

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Autumn in the forest

OK, so I can live in denial no more – it’s autumn! That’s OK though – what’s not to love about this time of year? Especially when you live next door to an enchanted forest – full of freely roaming ponies,…

Instant Photography

Today is…

A sunny day (about flippin’ time – August here in the UK has been a total washout). Tuesday (but feels like Monday because yesterday was a Bank Holiday). Pay-day (hooray, I am rich… for about half an hour, then…

Digital Photography

Five senses friday

I love abbytrysagain’s blog (photography heroine) and decided to join in with her five senses friday… Smelling: Lillies. Wow, when you come home in the evening the scent bowls you over with it’s enthusiastic muskiness.   Seeing: Everything in…

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‘Five Sense Friday’ on a Saturday

A bit late for five sense friday, but here’s mine for a super sunny saturday… tasting: strawberries – so many strawberries. seeing: the intense glittering of a gentle sea in bright, bright sunshine. hearing: bands at glastonbury (via the…



I have been tagged by the lovely Victoria Bennett Beyer to tell you seven things about myself, some random, some weird, then you have to do the same on your blog and link back to here. It’s the law.…



Saw this on yvestown – what would your answers be? What time did you get up today? 8:08. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds (fake ones are fine, thanks). Latest movie in a movie theater? Was aaaages ago… think it was…