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The most boring blog post in the world

I’m giving you fair warning, this will probably be the least interesting blog post you will read all year, if I don’t write something soon though there’s a real danger of cobwebs forming over these pages! Even the photos…

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As amazing as it is to experience all the pink, wonderful fluffiness of springtime blossom, the next best thing has got to be seeing all those green leaves take over those bleakly stark wintry branches. Bringing the greenness into the home…

Film Photography

Did I mention I like film cameras?

When people say to me they are thinking about trying film photography and aren’t sure about what camera to get or where to buy one I tell them this; Mention to everyone you know that you wish you had…

100 days of winter on flickr
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If my maths is correct (there’s a very good chance it isn’t) we are now half-way through 100 Days of Winter! Half-way! In 50 days time we will have reached the end of February and be relishing the prospect of…

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A new adventure

I can’t believe I made a vlog yesterday! I can’t believe I made another video today, too! I know they’re not brilliant but they never will be unless I practice. All I’ve done so far is talk into my…

statue of Issac Watts
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Midwinter miscellanea at 800 ISO

There’s a teeny tiny bit of brightness left in the sky and it is well past 4.30 – wonderful! Not this sky though – I took this one a few days ago when the sun was setting at about lunch time! (Exaggerating.…

pentax k1000 - poppyheads
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Rejects – Pentax K1000

Whenever I shoot photos with a digital camera I do it knowing at least 25% will get deleted; the weakest compositions, the out of focus, the eyes shut, they all go in the bin. With film it’s a bit…

thistle - pentax k1000
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More purple

I would seem that the colour of the moment here on my website is purple! Here is some more, though tending towards the pinker side of the spectrum this time. All these were taken with my film Pentax K1000…

agapanthus - pentax k1000
Digital Film Photography


It is innate in us all to want to record the wold around us; to paint a picture, to take a photograph. Don’t you think? film – Pentax K1000 and some Fuji 200 Superia film For some it is…

free range chickens - pentax k1000
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Free range

I always buy free-range eggs, they don’t cost much more than the eggs from the hens in prisons and they taste really good. I like good karma with my toasted soldiers in the morning. If there are any chickens…