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  • redbird-flickr
    Film Photography

    A birthday giveaway!

    I appear to have grown another year older since I last blogged; another digit has been clocked-up on the rapidly-spinning tally that is my age. Scary! I’m very lucky though, I…

  • IMG_7736
    Digital Photography

    Basically just a post about bunting

    This is actually an old photo from a previous trip to London, but rather appropriate, don’t you think? I wonder if the queen gets RSI in her waving hand? You’re jubilee’d out aren’t you. I know,…

  • pola-jubilee1
    Instant Life Photography

    Red, white and blue

    I’m sure it wont have escaped your notice (especially if you’re in GB right now) that jubilee fever is in full swing! That’s why there’s rain forecast. D’oh. Look at Oxford…

  • IMG_8013
    Digital Life Photography

    London calling

    When I visit London I can hear the beating of my heart. At first the pulsing blood in my ears is loud; I am too slow and too careful. Being thrust…

  • bunting-and-lunch

    The hours

    12 hours of my life: 8am Oh, why did I stay up so late last night? Why do I stay up so late every night? Why does amnesia set in during…

  • mju-brushes
    Film Photography

    Olympus mju Zoom Wide 80

    My hunt for a pocketably small yet precise point-and-shoot film camera continues. I’ve already trialled and dismissed the Olympus Trip 500. Slightly better this time but also being rejected is the…

  • try-and-stop-me

    Embracing my extrovert-ness

    I know I annoy a lot of people (if you’re one of them, why on earth are you torturing yourself by reading my blog, you weirdo)! The reasons are many-fold, but…