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  • bunting-and-lunch

    The hours

    12 hours of my life: 8am Oh, why did I stay up so late last night? Why do I stay up so late every night? Why does amnesia set in during…

  • mju-brushes
    Film Photography

    Olympus mju Zoom Wide 80

    My hunt for a pocketably small yet precise point-and-shoot film camera continues. I’ve already trialled and dismissed the Olympus Trip 500. Slightly better this time but also being rejected is the…

  • try-and-stop-me

    Embracing my extrovert-ness

    I know I annoy a lot of people (if you’re one of them, why on earth are you torturing yourself by reading my blog, you weirdo)! The reasons are many-fold, but…

  • IMG_7586.jpg_effected
    Digital Photography

    One hour of sunlight

    It was Bank Holiday Monday. We were eating brunch (a meal that became a lot less fun when I discovered it supposed to be instead of breakfast and lunch, not as…

  • circus1.jpg_effected-001
    Digital Photography

    Out and about

    I managed to take me and my germs for a mini-trip out of the house today – just around town for a quick coffee and egg sarnie the a look at…

  • grassy.jpg_effected-002


    Don’t get too close, I have the lurgey – it started at the exact moment on Thursday that I clocked-off for the start of my four-day weekend. Grr! So yes, I…

  • Scarlett-Hernandez-keana

    5fives with Scarlett Hernandez

    { I’d like you to meet somebody – say ‘Hi’ to Scarlett (I love that name); an amazing photographer who captures wonderful images in such a stylish way. She’s so talented,…